Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Faith in Family Life

Hilary Clinton wrote a book titled, "It Takes a Village" in 1996, the year I got married.  At the time I had goals of being a stay at home mom and thought it insulting that my children would need anyone but me to care for them.  With the support of my husband, family and faith, I did obtain my dream of being a stay at home mom and it was better than I ever expected.

My husband and I were both raised as Latter Day Saints and were on the same page when it came to our goals, values, morals and what we wanted for our family.  Before we married we discussed that when we had kids I would stay at home with them.  After 4 years of marriage, when my husband graduated college and secured a job, but still renting an apartment, we welcomed our first daughter in November 2000. Five years later we had added another daughter and a son.  I was beyond busy with my kids but loved being a stay at home mom more than anything.

I took pride that my kids rarely had a babysitter and never went to pre-school, it was just us and it was perfect.  Cut to 2015 and all of my kids are in school full day.  I've taken a part time job and also am taking 1 or 2 online college classes a semester.  What I am saying is life is busy and I need that village now, the one I thought I didn't need.

Could I do it all myself?  Sure!  But my son walking with a neighbor to school means I can actually be on time to work. Carpooling with another mom to mutual, scouts and sports means more time for me to study uninterrupted.

Through putting my faith in others, in and out of my church, I have come to rely on my 'village' of women who help, support and assist me as I do the same for them.  In this both our families are blessed.

I am so glad I followed the counsel to marry in the temple to a man who would honor the Family Proclamation by providing for our family so I could raise, care for and nurture our children in our home.  I am also grateful for our extended church family who assists us in all we need.

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